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Professional Marine line
Basco Engineering & Trading is a superior enterprise in the Marine Services & Supplies fields in Egypt, since 1983.
Basco represents Rolls-Royce Marine group, the most reputable and largest marine group in the world; in addition to many other superior marine brands such as Evac Marine Systems.

It has successfully satisfied Suez Canal Authorities inquiries for building the biggest two 160 TBP salvage tug boats "Baraka1" and "Ezzat Adel" that are now perfectly operating in the channel of Suez Canal.

In addition, Basco has supplied advanced propulsion systems for most of the reputable floating hotels in Egypt covering about 80% of the floating hotel market in Egypt using Z-drives.

Rolls - Royce
The Rolls-Royce service & support concept has been developed to secure complete life cycle support for your ship and its equipment.

Together with Rolls-Royce, Basco Engineering & Trading aim to make your investment profitable for as long as possible, and to protect your investment through our dedicated service network.

Basco, the sole representative for EVAC, offers design and manufacturing and markets environmentally friendly wastewater treatment systems for the ship building industry.

Work & Service Boat Building
Basco used to represent the former Danish shipyard Aarhus Flydedok A/S (Aarhus Dockyard Ltd.) in Egypt.

Basco Engineering & Trading and the Danish shipyard offered a complete package of project management for the construction of the two salvage tug boats "Baraka1 and Ezzat Adel" for the Suez Canal Authority. Both tugs were built in Port Said shipyard, one of Suez Canal Authorities associate shipyards in Egypt.

Basco Engineering & Trading is now working in cooperation with Rolls Royce (Associated Shipyards), and is ready to provide comprehensive packages of design and equipment supplies that would fulfill any professional marine inquiries.

Floating Hotels
Based on our tradition of quality, Basco is dedicated to delivering professional equipment that meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients. M/S Semiramis 1 + 2, M/S Mohito, M/S Nile Supreme, M/S King of the Nile , M/S Genesis 2, M/S Radamis 2 are some examples. Basco has been awarded and completed contracts for more than 120 Nile cruisers.

Marina Building and Systems (Poralu)
With twenty five years of experience and over 30,000 berths installed and operational, Poralu Marine is one of the world leaders in the field of docks and marine equipment.

The cooperation of Poralu Marine & Basco Engineering & Trading, will provide you with excellent designs, manufacturing, instalation and follow up of your project from A to Z, regardless of your location or budget.
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